people see the northern lights Tromsøbadet

Long weekend for couples

Treat yourself with a long weekend getaway with you partner and explore the Arctic capital. 

A romantic long weekend in Tromsø offers everything you would expect from a big city, as well as offering magical nature experiences. Stroll along the streets of Tromsø and join in on cultural events, or chase action adventures at sea or on land. The best part is that you will create so many new memories together. 

Tasty options

Enjoy eachother and a nice meal at Restaurant Smak or Fiskekompaniet, before you continue with drinks at Helmersen Delikatesser & Vinbar. Spend the night in one of our city hotels before you head out on a boat tour or go dogsledding with Arctic Cruise in Norway or Tromsø Safari

If you like shopping, we recommend a visit to Wabi Sabi, Blåst glass blowing studio and Galleri Nord. Remember to stack up on energy with fresh baked goods and coffee at Smørtorget.

Northern Lights adventures 

Between September and April there's great chances of seeing the Northern Lights. As it gets dark you can join Northern Soul Adventures and Northern Norway Travel on romantic and adventurous Northern Lights chases. Stay warm by the bonfire as you wait for the green lady Aurora to make her entrance. Spending the night in a crystal lavvo at Green Gold of Norway or in an Ice Hotel is also a hot tip if you want something extra out of your trip. 

The adventure doesn't have to stop here. If you enjoy being out in nature we suggest visiting Elements Arctic Camp. Combine spending the night in a yurt with skiing, snowshoeing and kayaking. 
Back in the city, cultural refill awaits at Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum and in Perspektivet museum. Get inspired and learn more about our culture and the history of Tromsø.