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Northern Lights Chase by bus

Northern Lights Tromsø

This tour is conducted by Northern Lights Tromsø. Come chase the Northern Lights with us! Finding them is magical, simply magical.
You think you must be dreaming, especially when you catch them dancing. It just comes from nowhere… and keeps moving and changing shape! It’s like someone is doing a huge water color painting, in real time, across the canvas of the dark black sky. This is nature’s own silent movie show, awe-inspiring, majestic and ethereal that leaves you feeling stunned, reminded once again of the incredible beauty of nature. And somewhat grateful that you’ve had the opportunity to see it.

Although there is never a guarantee, we find them most of the time. Join us for a chase and experience the thrill!

Included: Transport, guide and driver, a hot drink and biscuits and photos from the chase on Facebook
Duration: 5 hours
Level of difficulty: Easy
Number of participants: 2-50
Departure time and place: 7:30pm (19:30) at Clarion Collection Hotel Aurora
Phone: +47911 95 518