Northern Lights
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The best ways to enjoy the northern lights

We offer a wide selection of guided Northern Light tours, in order for you to get the best possible experience of the Aurora while visiting Tromsø. You can choose between two types of tours; Northern Lights Chase and Northern Lights Experience.

Northern Lights chase

Join our experienced and knowledgeable guides who will do their best to fulfill your dream of seeing the Aurora. The Chase-tours varies in transportation by car, minibus or boat and can take up to 10 hours depending on the reach of clear skies for the specific evening/night. These tours are a good option for high chances of seeing the Northern Lights, as well as travelling through the wild and beautiful Arctic landscape.  

Northern Lights experience

With these tours you will get that extra bit of adventure to your Arctic experience as we offer a variety of activities to go along with your chances of seeing the Northern Lights. Join our providers and get away from the crowds to secluded locations where you can stay overnight in sami lavvo’s, do dogsledding, ride snowmobiles and more. Seeing the Northern Lights can never be guaranteed, but with these tours you will leave with a feel of an experience to remember. Read more about our northern lights experiences here.

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