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Welcome to Norwegian Travel, where we believe that tourism is not just an opportunity; it's a powerful platform to inspire the world, fostering awareness of the treasures within the global eco-system and the pristine wilderness that still exists.

About us

We've crafted an experience-driven journey that transcends the ordinary, embracing the new luxury in travel — centered around nature and personal experiences. Picture yourself witnessing the dance of the Northern Lights, and silently observing majestic whales from an Eco-lighthouse certified high speed catamaran. Immerse yourself in the unforgettable atmosphere aboard our expedition ship, Quest, with a comfortable overnight whale watching and northern lights experience, relish the gateway to the wilderness at Camp Tamok, embark on thrilling adventures like snowmobiling or dog sledding. Tour and admire the beautiful ice-art in the Tromsø Ice Domes and ascend Fjellheisen Cable Car to gaze at the incredible scenery surrounding Tromsø. 

Our offerings are not just destinations; they are true bucket list experiences, surrounded by unspoiled nature, crisp air, and blissful silence.  

At Norwegian Travel, our objective is clear: to provide world-class services that redefine your travel experience from the moment you plan your journey to the enjoyment of your adventure. We are more than a travel company; we are the architects of memories, dedicated to crafting moments that resonate with the essence of Norway.

Our premium brand, Norwegian Travel, is the proud owner of a core business that collaborates seamlessly with sub-brands, offering a diverse range of activities and products. Together, we present a substantial portfolio with activities meticulously curated for those venturing into Northern Norway.

Our ambition is to showcase the best of Norway. With unwavering passion, we build destinations, enrich seasons, create new opportunities, enhance distribution, and uphold the highest standards of quality. Our commitment to sustainable travel is non-negotiable, as we recognize that the delicate nature we love and depend on must never be compromised. We invite you to be inspired by the treasures waiting to be uncovered in Norway. 

Join us at Norwegian Travel, where every journey is an exploration of amazing nature, delectable food, and thrilling activities throughout the year. Your adventure begins with us — let's make it unforgettable.



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