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Welcome to Odin Tours - Experience Arctic Adventure.

About us

Odin Tours was founded in 2023 by a group of people with long experience with Arctic tourism, and we have dedicated ourselves to providing our guests with unforgettable experiences in the Arctic paradise. We are passionate about sharing the spectacular Arctic nature and culture with visitors from around the world.

What sets us apart?
We offer a variety of experiences, including guided Northern Lights bus tours, destination experiences, culinary adventures, sightseeing, and accommodation. What truly sets us apart is that we have our own buses and destinations, meaning our guests can avoid crowds and queues often experienced at many other public viewpoints. Our dedicated bus drivers and chefs are committed to providing our guests with the best experience possible. We are proud to have our own team of experts who are familiar with the Arctic region and can share their knowledge with our guests.

Families: Our experiences are designed for families, and we especially welcome young children over 6 years of age. We offer safe and entertaining activities suitable for the whole family.

Local Cuisine: We take pride in serving authentic Norwegian and Sami traditional cuisine with an emphasis on local ingredients. This allows our guests to savor genuine Arctic flavors.

Welcome to Odin Tours, where we create memories that last a lifetime in the heart of the Arctic adventure.


Odin Tours
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