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Why is eco-labeling of your business so important?

More and more tourists want to choose sustainable travel and experiences. Today, eco-labeling is considered a competitive advantage. However, in the future it will probably be a requirement from guests to be able to choose environmentally certified experiences, products and services.

From greenwashing to truly green practices as a competitive advantage

Greenwashing is often described as a form of misleading marketing where companies portray themselves as being more environmentally-friendly or sustainable than they actually are.

If you carry out an environmental certification such as Eco-Lighthouse, you can prove that your company does not do greenwash, and that it takes sustainability seriously. It can be profitable to profile your business as a provider of sustainable experiences and products, since this is in demand by an ever-expanding market.

Become one of the companies that are in the fore and show responsibility! Then you will be a preferred supplier to an increasing group of guests, in addition to having a strengthened position in the competition for the best employees.

In this link, Visit Norway explains why more and more tourists are concerned about sustainability, and what it means to those working within the travel industry (Norwegian only).

We can help you get started with your Eco-Lighthouse certification

A sustainable business model means that one is not only concerned about the economy, but also with climate, environment and social conditions. All of these topics are included as part of the criteria you must document when getting an eco-label such as Eco-Lighthouse.

Visit Tromsø-Region was eco-labeled as an Eco-Lighthouse in 2018. We are happy to assist with courses or advice on how to certify your company as an Eco-Lighthouse. Contact our Sustainability Consultant, Inger-Lise Brones, for a non-binding membership offer on the service.

Read more about Eco-Lighthouse here.

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