Sami man and reindeers
©Wandering Reindeer
Reindeer herd
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Reindeer and a woman
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Wandering Reindeer

Wandering Reindeer AS was founded on 10.12.2019, by me Ole Mathis Hætta (39) but due to the pandemic I had to postpone the start-up.
The company offers a Sami experience package in central Tromsø for guests, with foreign guests as main target group.
The company's main offer is a guided tour with its own bus from Tromsø city center to various Sámi areas, which ends up with my partner who belongs to a reindeer husbandry family on Kvaløya. There, guests get an insight knowledge about Sami culture, stay in a lavvo and experience close contact with reindeers.
Our company stands out with a more comprehensive Sami offer. We offer knowledge about both Sea Sámi and reindeer herding Sámi culture. We take customers on a sightseeing tour by bus to old Sámi settlement areas and visit the partner's reindeer husbandry family on Kvaløya. The company has its own touring car license, which gives the right to transport customers by own bus, and together with my partner we have established a siida/samicamp, where guests can experience reindeer up close. In addition, Sallir siida has been approved by the State Administrator in Troms and Finnmark as an “ut på vidda aktør” we are approved courses in food safety, HSE and dissemination of Sami culture.
The company's strength is that I and my partner are Sami, we speak the Sami language and grew up in a Sami community. Me and my partner have completed courses to guide guests. We have an agreement with Sommarøy Arctic hotel for catering where all allergens can be taken into account.

The activity is off the beaten track and there will be some walking in the snow condition, therefore it is not suitable for the disabled, handicapped, children under 3 years and stroller/wheelchair.