someone looking at the northern lights
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Polar Adventures

Polar Adventures is a small cosy family company that provides genuine and local family- friendly adventures.
The company was born to share the heart of Tromsø and the passion from the land its founders grew up with. We treat you like friends and let you experience what Scandinavian people ordinary do while out having fun in nature with family and friends.
With Polar Adventures you will learn and discover Arctic nature in a very cheerful and close atmosphere, as we want to keep it as genuine as possible.
Our tours are different in that way, it’s all about having fun and relaxation while experiencing new things in beautiful surroundings. We start off as strangers but during the tour we make new friends forever.

Our activities are though in the way that all even the youngest of the family can have a funny time in our activities by boat, get surprised by the animals that we might see and sit with the captain, why not!?!?

We also take care of our Planet as much as we can and encourage our guests to participate actively on our purpose. 
We want to reduce how much garbage we generate by not using one use cups, spoons, etc. It is important to sort the garbage, so their usage cycle is not finished.
One more bowl with our soup? Of course! Let’s avoid any food waste.