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Tromsø is an excellent congress destination, priding itself on a unique combination of modern facilities, rich cultural life, first-class local cuisine, and magnificent nature. The city is easily accessible with an increasing number of direct routes from several European cities, positioning Tromsø ideally for international gatherings.

The accommodation options range from high-end hotels to charming boutique guesthouses, all prepared to welcome guests with genuine northern Norwegian hospitality. The hotels are well-equipped with state-of-the-art conference facilities, combining comfort and functionality, perfectly suited for both intimate meetings and larger international congresses.

As a cultural hub, Tromsø offers a vibrant art and cultural scene, and hosts renowned festivals such as the Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF) and the Northern Lights Festival. The city also has a rich selection in museums and galleries that provide different perspectives on local history, art, and culture.

In terms of the culinary scene, Tromsø is in a class of its own. The city's focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients, especially seafood, provides great culinary experiences. Local specialties such as stockfish, reindeer, and king crab are often served with an innovative twist.

The Tromsø region is also a paradise for outdoor activities all year round. From dog sledding and snowmobile safaris, to kayaking and hiking in raw Arctic nature, Tromsø offers unparalleled nature experiences, beneath the midnight sun or the dancing northern lights.

With its academic environment, Tromsø is a hub for academia and research. With the University of Tromsø as one of the leading institutions within Arctic studies, the city opens doors for knowledge exchange and collaboration across several scientific disciplines. Through a diversity of fields and professionals represented by different educational institutions, Tromsø has gained an international position and credibility.

The team behind Tromsø Convention Bureau collaborates closely with several academic communities and has networks of skilled local suppliers, conference hotels, activity providers, DMCs, and meeting planners (PCOs).

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