Tvibit's youth culture influence

Tvibit's youth culture influence

“I do not dare to think how Tromsø and Northern Norway would be like if we did not have Tvibit. It had a massive influence in the culture scene, but also in the city in many ways.”

“Tvibit goes even further back than the youth house that today is known as Tvibit. It all started with the old youth house known as Brygga,” Sif Vik explains. She has been working for Tvibit for the past 21 years and was part of the first Tvibit house. She is currently the assistant manager and does a little bit of everything, especially project organization and funding, contacting politicians, outgoing contact and organizing activities in the house. Sif informs that in the 80’s there was a big youth riot and demonstrations in Tromsø, in which resulted on the youth obtaining a youth house that they could run independently. The one running the house needed to work from City Hall, and the youth managed the house. This organization worked for 10 years. However, later it got a bad reputation due to involvement with drugs, alcohol and other problem, which drew away youth of that time. This bad reputation caused the house to close.  

“However, in those 10 years there was a lot of independent youth projects. These projects included the Electronica Scene, film, a radio station and other cultural projects,” she points out. “In 1994, the new generation wanted a new youth center in the city center,” she adds. Sif goes on explaining how the positive things from Brygga, the cultural projects managed and created by the youth, where a central part for reopening the new house known as Tvibit. “It should be fun to be young. They have a lot of resources and creative ideas and we should let that out and give them a safe environment to experiment with their craft. They are the central force of the development and evolution of the house.” 

In addition to Tvibits current music studios, recording studios, and rooms to plan and organize projects they also have a health center for the youth. Sif goes on explaining that it was part of the house from the beginning even if the house mainly focuses on creativity and culture. However, by having this section it can help the young society to deal and learn more about sexual and mental health. “It’s one of the few clinics for young people in Norway that is located were young people actually go, and not in a doctor’s office.”  

For being a house focused on culture they have had a massive influence in the whole culture scene and in the city in many ways. Sif goes on talking about how the cultural industry are mostly depended on young people from the Tvibit environment, which to an extent has changed youth work in Norway. “Tvibit is the only Youth Center of its kind. It attracts visits from Norway and abroad to learn from our methods, visions and how we work with the young community” she points out.  

Besides providing a safe environment to develop the artists craft, Tvibit also provides a platform and/or a stage where the young can express their opinions. One of their hopes is for the youth to raise their voice even more. “Tvibit is a part time free zone,” Sif state. In other words, Tvibit is a place where they will provide a place for you to express your opinion safely and respecting the other point of view. 

Being in a unique location in the world can bring unique experiences and challenges. “That is what makes Tromsø and Tvibit very exotic.” Tromsø’s remote location and unique environment is a cause for people from all over the word to come and experience its environment. Sif goes on explaining how Tromsø being remote is easily connected internationally with the short flight to Oslo which is connected to the rest of the world. In addition, she goes on describing the difference between other Northern/Arctic cities. If we compare the size and population we offer everything that a big city does.  

“I don’t dare to think how Tromsø and Northern Norway would be like if we didn’t have Tvibit,” Sif states. The foundation of Tvibit starting from the first youth house has played a huge role on youth work, the arts, development on international relations and social-cultural innovations. With the years evolving very fast they never know what is around the corner, but one thing is for certain. They will keep their core of giving the youth the freedom to organize and develop their projects in a safe environment. Because young people need to be together again, to meet and to be creative. 


Allesandro Bellei - Communication coordinator and leader of the photo group, from Italy 

“Tvibit has an international community and this is very important as it gives internationals the opportunity to integrate themselves and give fresh air to the locals. It is a nice exchange of ideas and influences that goes both ways. In addition, the internationals become cultural ambassadors for Tromsø and Tvibit by bringing ideas and/or influences and developing a similar organization as Tvibit outside.” 

Per MartinsenPioneer in electronics, one of the tenants of the house 

“The genius thing about putting this house together is making an arena for people to meet. Across generations, across genres in music and different arts. People that I never knew existed turned up in the house and in the corridors. You end up talking to them. To know their point of view. It’s interesting because it shows Tromso has a lot of diversity.” 

“My interest is how does it work for young people today. I grew up in Tromsø without much and the youth house turned out to mean a lot to me in my teens. I am wondering if it means the same to young people today.” 

“Tvibits cultural influence in the city of Tromsø has been great. Hundreds of bands and artists have rehearsed on the second floor and in the basement. I think the strength of Tromsø as a cultural city has to do with this place. In addition, at the beginning everybody who travelled up here and saw this place where very envious. It is a very necessary thing. Tromsø has like 8 moths of winter and if you don’t do things to focus your energy it is not a pleasant place to be. We need facilities in the winter to make great things.” 

Eilif Bremer Landsend - Film Director, project manager for NRK, been in Tvibit since he was 12 years old 

“Probably I would have not worked in film if Tvibit didn’t exist.” 

“I’ve taken one of Tvibit’s philosophies with me: Dare to do the impossible. Do not be afraid to fail. Dare to make a difference and change the world. Never forget where you come from. Remember to see and encourage others. This helped me learn how to lead other people in a project.”  


Year of foundation: 2000
Location: Parkgata
Focus: Youth house and production centre within music, health, film, technology and creative activities.
Facebook: /Tvibit
Instagram: @tvibit