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Easter in Tromsø

Easter in Tromsø is a wonderful time of the year. The beautiful surroundings look stunning covered in snow, and nothing beats a sunny day out to enjoy the views. There are plenty of activities you can do, both organized and by yourself for a perfect Easter getaway in the city with the nature just outside your doorstep.  

During Easter there are a few favourites among the locals. We say Norwegians are born with skis on our feet, and skiing is a popular Easter activity. There are plenty of alternatives for cross-country skiing in the area. Or maybe you want to enjoy a beautiful day exploring the fjords by boat or minibus?  

Many of the attractions are open during Easter, and you can learn more about arctic life, the city, local history and culture. Make sure to try some of the local delicacies served by one of our many restaurants and cafés

Tromsø is also a perfect a perfect starting point if you plan on exploring the region during Easter. Rent a car to reach the areas around Kvaløya, the Lyngen fjord, Senja, Målselv, Bardu, Malangen and Balsfjord. 

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This is why you should safely book your next adventure via Visit Tromsø:
  • You can cancel your booking up to three days before your activity takes place, with a full refund. 
  • We have a price guarantee. It is not more expensive to book through us than via our partners directly.
  • We always strive to be a good host for our guests.
  • We are the only official Tourist Information Centre in the Tromsø region, and our partners are professional organizers who deliver high-quality experiences.
  • All profits go into destination development. We continuously work to develop the Tromsø region in a sustainable direction, in harmony with nature and the local community. Any surplus is not paid out to the owners of the company.
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