Easter in Tromsø

Experience a traditional Norwegian Easter in the Tromsø region

Prepare yourself for your ultimate Norwegian Easter getaway in the Tromsø region! We have gathered all the information you need about how to spend your Easter holiday like a local.

Spend a night or more at a «hytte»

A «hytte» is the Norwegian word for cabin, and many of us leave the city centre and go to a cabin for Easter. Here we are enjoying ourselves togehter with family or friends. If you have ever heard the Norwegian word «koselig», this is a very describing word for an Easter holiday at the cabin; relaxing and having a good time in a cozy and atmospheric surrounding. Find a "hytte" in the Tromsø region here. 

Go cross country skiing

It is no proper Easter without a proper cross country skiing tour! There are many ski tracks in and around Tromsø. If you do not have your own skis, you can rent them at Tromsø Outdoor.

Read more about the tour options in the area, and how to pack your back pack for a great day of skiiing.

Enjoy Norwegian Easter food

On Easter Eve we traditionally eat lamb leg slowly roasted in the oven, with vegetables and gravy to go with it. A really festive and tasty meal.

Do not forget to bring hot dogs, Solo soda, Kvikk Lunsj chocolate, orange, and a thermos of hot chocolate when you are in the outdoors. This is what we always eat when we are going on a tour by ski, foot or snowshoes during Easter.

Solve crimes and mysteries with some "Påskekrim"

Translated, the word «Påske» means «Easter», and «krim» means «crime». When we are inside the «hytte», we love to binge with crime series on TV, read crime novels and solve crime mysteries in magazines or from a carton of milk. A must for the perfect Easter holiday!

Gather around the table with quizes and board games

To play board games and do quizes must also be on your Norwegian Easter to-do list! It's really "koselig" to gather around the table for a round of board games or test eachothers knowledge with an Easter quiz.

Make Easter decorations using the colours yellow and purple

It is a tradition to make Easter decorations like little chickens, or drain eggs and paint them in vibrant colours. The colours we use for Easter are yellow and purple.

Your Norwegian Easter dictionary:

  • Hytte = Cabin
  • Koselig = Cozy. Relaxing and having a good time in atmospheric surroundings
  • Kvikk Lunsj = A Norwegian chocolate similar to KitKat
  • Påskekrim = Easter crime
  • Solo = A Norwegian orange flavoured soda

Welcome to the ultimate Norwegian Easter holiday in the Tromsø region!