Friends enjoying the view from the Sherpa staircase

Field trip to Tromsø

Why Tromsø?

The Arctic capital is situated at 69° North, with both city life and unspoilt artic nature in close proximity. Tromsø is easily accessible by plane, Langnes airport is only a 10-minute drive from the city centre. Nature is so close to the city that you can stand in the main street and marvel at the fjords or the majestic Tromsdalstind. Tromsø is also well-known for being a bustling town with a rich and diverse cultural scene.

Tromsø is a natural hub for education, where the world’s northernmost university, museums and many places of interest tell the story of the city and its people.

Below you can read about the different topics which could be relevant to your school trip, which we hope will facilitate your planning.

The ‘Explore Tromsø’ section is for those who will enjoy what the city has to offer. ‘History’ is for anyone interested in polar history, war history and the Sami people. ‘Creative Tromsø’ is for those wishing to learn more about art and local products. ‘Urban Nature’ highlights features of the natural landscape for those who love being outdoors.  

Under each section you will find useful and relevant information to help you plan your class trip.