Woman swimming in heated pool in winter

10 activities for a rainy day

Tromsø has plenty to offer, even on days when it’s tempting to just stay indoors. Attractions, museums, galleries and cafés mean it’s impossible to get bored, even when the floodgates of the heavens are open. Tromsø has something to suit everyone, regardless of age, season and whether you are a guest or a local.

Here are our tips for indoor activities in Tromsø: 

1. Enjoy a film and popcorn at Aurora Cinema

A rainy day is the perfect occasion to soak in the darkness at Tromsø’s cinema, Aurora Kino. With six screens, you will always have a variety of movies to choose between. This is Northern Norway’s most popular cinema. The cinema shop, café and reclining seats combine to make this an optimal cinema experience!

2. Test the water slides at Tromsøbadet

Tromsøbadet indoor water park is one place where it’s fun to get wet! There are experiences for young and old alike including a steam bath, Finnish sauna, maelstrom, water slides and warm grotto. Try the wonderfully refreshing plunge pool with a temperature of between 4 and 9 °C.

3. Meet up at ByBowling

ByBowling in downtown Tromsø is the perfect place to meet a group of friends, celebrate your birthday or go on a date. Besides bowling, you can play darts, pool and shuffleboard. There is a large, fully licenced bar. If you get hungry, you can order delicious pizza and snacks. We recommend booking a bowling lane in advance. 

4. Combine a sauna and an ice-cold dip

The urban sauna culture has taken Tromsø by storm. The floating sauna Pust is a relaxing fantasy in the heart of downtown Tromsø. Bathing may not be your first choice when it’s raining or snowing but you jump straight back into the sauna, which maintains a temperature of 80-100 °C . You will find warmth, tranquillity and often the best conversations!

5. Reach the top at the Climbing Centre or have fun bouldering at Buldreterminalen

With more than 200 climbing routes and a large bouldering room, Tromsø Climbing Centre is well worth a visit for professional climbers and novices alike. Climbing is an excellent family activity, and children of all ages are welcome at Tromsø Climbing Centre. You can book a climbing course or rent gear if you don’t have your own. The climbing centre is in the same building as Tromsøbadet, so why not combine both?

Have fun bouldering at Buldreterminalen! In their 2100 sqm facility, you will find exciting challenges for all levels and ages. They also have a café if you are in need of a snack.

6. Check out the city's many exhibitions and attractions

There is always a new exhibition to experience in one of the many attractions of Tromsø. Renowned museums such as the Polar Museum, the Arctic University Museum of Norway and the Northern Norway Art Museum offer permanent and temporary exhibitions.

The young ones can be creative with interactive activities at the Science Centre of Northern Norway.

The Arctic University Museum of Norway is also a must for people wishing to gain an insight into Sami culture, with two exhibitions about the Sami culture and history. There are also many smaller galleries with a nice sellection of art in downtown Tromsø. 

Are you curious about how animals, humans, fish and plants live together side by side in the Arctic? Visit Polaria – an Arctic experience centre for the whole family. Did you know that Polaria is one of just two places in Europe where you can see bearded seals up close? The bearded seals share the seal pool with other playful seals, which train several times a day.

7. Find your favourite cafè

The locals of Tromsø like to meet at a café – and they like to stay for a while. Whether you want a good cup of coffee or a long, delicious brunch with friends, Tromsø has a wide range of cafés to choose between. Many of the cafés offer local products, including Mathallen Tromsø – a combined café, restaurant and delicatessen. In summer, it’s popular to grab a coffee and walk along the pier or relax on a bench outside the Tromsø Cathedral.

8. Go on a shopping spree in the city centre

There are many shops to explore behind the facades of Tromsø’s colourful city centre. In the summer, some of these shops stretch out onto the pavement. Tromsø is a mecca for shoppers, with everything from boutique clothing stores, souvenir shops of various kinds and delicatessens to local handicrafts, clothes and shoes. There are also several shopping centres where you can go from shop to shop under one roof.

9. Visit Full Steam for a historical museum experience and enjoy a delightful Arctic meal in the restaurant

Delve into the intriguing history, Sami culture, and maritime heritage of the Arctic as you set off on a voyage through the northernmost coastal museum, located within our venerable Full Steam Tromsø building. In the restaurant you can try out local Arctic food. 

10. Play minigolf and enjoy a pizza at Storgata Camping

What's cooler than mini golf and pizza on a rainy day? At Storgata Camping, you can enjoy 9 mini golf courses, a pizza kiosk, and a bar.