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Rødne Fjord Cruise

The Arctic winter is magical. Humpback whales burst out of the sea in the blue twilight. Orcas, often called Killer Whales, glide through the icy waters. The mystic Northern Lights dancing in the sky at night.

About us

Feel like an Arctic explorer aboard our spacious and modern catamaran, MS Rygerdronningen, perfect for comfortable cruises in the far north. Her twin-hull catamaran design is stable even in rough seas. Enjoy the cruise in the comfort of our luxurious cabin with panoramic windows and then venture out into the brisk polar air onto our roomy decks for a closer look. Our expert local guides will keep you posted in Norwegian and English.

During the polar night of Arctic winter, we offer day cruises in search of humpback whales and orca. In the evening, you can join us as we seek out the spectacular Northern Lights aboard our high-speed ferry that quickly and comfortably gets us away from the light pollution of Tromsø.

Both the whales and the unforgettable light shows of the Aurora Borealis are natural occurrences that we can’t book in advance. What we can guarantee is that if you don’t see them on one cruise, we will give you a free ticket for the next available cruise. 

Rødne has more than 60 years of experience in showing off Norway’s stunning fjords. In fact, we are Norway’s largest family-owned express ferry company.

Rødne operates with the greatest respect for our beloved fjords. We are proud to be certified as an environmentally sustainable tour operator under the strict criteria set by the Norwegian Eco-Lighthouse foundation. 


Rødne Fjord Cruise
Phone: +47 518 95 270
E-mail: [email protected]

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