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Become a partner

Our network consists of professional suppliers within the hotel, transportation, activity and travel industries.

We take pride in our collaboration and specialize in the design and implementation of conferences, congresses, events, activities, tours, transportation and programme logistics in the Arctic region.

In today's travel landscape, both travelers and businesses prioritize quality, professionalism, safety, and sustainability. Within the Tromsø Convention Bureau's network, we urge our partners to deliver on  these standards. The Tromsø region provides a range of year-round activities and experiences, emphasizing the industry's responsibility to deliver exceptional experiences for both visitors and locals alike. 

If your business aligns with these principles and offers relevant services in destination management and coordination (DMC), professional conference organization (PCO), venues, or accommodations, we gladly invite you to connect with us. Reach out and let's explore potential partnerships!

Discover more about our partners below: