Boy and mother in Tromsøbadet

Long weekend with the family

Bring your family on exciting adventures! 

Going on a long weekend trip to Tromsø, you will experience fun activities well suited for the whole family. The city centre is only a 10 minute drive from the airport with well connected public transportation, making exploring easy. 

Start your journey by taking a trip to feed the reindeer, go sledding and experience the Sami culture. Join the experienced dog sledding mushers at Tromsø Villmarkssenter on a safe and family friendly ride. Life out at sea is magical and we recommend you go on a fishing tour. If you don't mind staying up late, you can enjoy a Northern Lights experience suitable for families such as visiting the reindeers at night, or a camp visit.

Continue your adventures by combining exciting adventures with citylife at Polaria, Tromsøbadet, Troll Museum, the Science Centre of Northern Norway and the Arcitc University Museum of Norway.
It's important to eat and drink between all the fun. Try the local and very famous taco pizza at Yonas. It is a true classic enjoyed by many Tromsø locals! At Egon you get a menu well suited for the whole family, and if you want to finish with desserts, we recommend going to Koseverden or Spiseriet for cakes and cookies! 

Sleep tight in one of our city hotels or rent a cabin at Tromsø Lodge & Camping. Alpine skiing in Kroken is not far away, or go on the Cable Car up to mount Storsteinen for more fun and games in the snow. You will also get one of the best views over Tromsø! End the day with hot cocoa and waffles at Fjellstua café while looking for the northern lights.