Winter in Tromsø

Kari Schibevaag
Dame ser på nordlyset i snøfyllt skog

Welcome to a winter experience in Tromsø – we hope you enjoy every bit of it!

Put on your wool and warmest jacket and join the Arctic Winter Wonderland in Tromsø. We usually see the first snow in October, and from there on it gets darker (and colder) day by day. In the period before the Polar night season starts you can experience magical colours both in the morning and afternoon, as the sun slowly disappears in the horizon. A play of colours ranging from orange and pink to blue is fascinating, even for the locals living here all year long.

The Polar night season sets in at the end of November and calls for about 1 hour daylight at the most. From mid January the days will slowly get brighter and we see the sun again at the end of January.

Winter in Tromsø is truly an experience with the Northern Lights dancing above you in the sky. We offer a wide range of activities including dog sledding, Sami experiences, skiing and snowshoeing, and Northern Light experiences both on land and from the ocean. Have a look further down the page where we’ve collected all of our winter activities for you to pick and choose. The urban vibes of Tromsø are strong in winter with a variety of festivals and concerts, as well as restaurants and cafes to keep you warm.

Things to do in the winter season

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